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Does anyone know what the best brand of coolant is to run in my Kawasaki KFX-400

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I have water in it right now and it heats up really hot even with the fan running. I have heard of engine ice, but never had an atv with a rad. Thanks for any info!

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I have heard the engine ice is good, I usally just get the polaris anti freeze at the dealer, because it comes in smaller containers,

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Alright cool. Do you know if i should fill up the clear container that runs to the radiator, or the radiator itself. The container has two lines on it. Thanks!

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make sure its completly cool, then open the radiator and fill, then put cap on and start it, then re fill radiator till it does not take any more. Sometimes u have to wait just a bit while it warms upso you know its full in the engine block. once it is, just fill the outside tank to where it says

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Be sure and bleed the air out of the head,cylinder.

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