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I need tires 22x11x8 dont matter size but has to be a 8 inch rim

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just looking for some new tires for my 3wheeler its a 4 lug dont matter what size just not realy looking for anything smaller but they can be bigger like 22x12x8 or 23x12x8 something like that no smaller thanks if you would like to call instead of emailing my #'s 816-796-4077 thanks


I dont know how much you want to spend but i can get these for you in your size at about 72 dollars each, seems high for a four wheeler tire but it is a kenda doninater which is a pretty good tire..but this going to be about the cheapest, if run across anything else i will let you know...

here is a link..


ok found you another deal... Very Happy

i can get these tires buthave never been around them or seen them, you can find them cheaper on google search but you will not find them in your size cheaper Razz ... anyway ... 39 bucks each....

here you go..[]=22020

here is a picture i found on another site that has a better pic...

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